Roxanne Hillman

"My name is Roxanne Hillman and I am the jewelry artist behind Divergent Jewelry Designs. I began making jewelry many years ago when I was just a kid with a bunch of beads and some thread, stringing necklaces for myself and my mom. Looking back, I’m glad she doesn’t wear them anymore, my skills have come a long way since then! Growing up I always liked making things, whether it was with my jewelry supplies or random pieces of wood in my dad’s shop. I’d find ways to get my projects done with the limited tools I had, so I had to be creative! These days in addition to making beaded designs, you can find me working in my own little shop turning used stainless steel and silver plated cutlery into wearable works of art. There is something satisfying about taking items that have had their use and giving them another chance to be enjoyed. I use a lot of stainless steel to ensure quality pieces that last, in addition to gemstones, glass, and pearls."

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