Meet Our Team! 

All smiles in his new backyard!

All smiles in his new backyard!

Joel Pankewich - Pharmacist

The "new" guy in town -  Joel graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2012 and recently settled in Altona! Inspired by the supportive, positive, and kind-hearted nature of the community, Joel couldn't miss the opportunity to be one of the Pharmacists at Pembina Valley Pharmacy.  A lover of family, animals, travel, and board games, Joel is ready to help you with all of your pharmacy needs (and talk with you about sports - especially the Blue Jays!)

Look at that smile!

Look at that smile!

Carla Hildebrand - Pharmacist

One of the friendliest faces you'll find! Carla was born and raised in Altona (and Gretna), and graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2001.  She and her husband Jason are parents to two wonderful daughters - Gillian and Lexi! Although Carla has a real passion for travelling (she's been to over 25 countries!), she can't imagine living or working anywhere but her hometown of Altona.  You can find Carla at Pembina Valley Pharmacy ready to provide you with any pharmacy needs you have (but talking about sports... let's say it's "optional").




Looking good! 

Looking good! 

Alyssa Fehr - Pharmacy Technician

What can we say about Alyssa? For starters, she is most likely the hardest working, dedicated, and kind person you could meet! Born and raised on a farmyard in Southern Manitoba, with a Plum Coolee phone number and a Winkler mailing address, Alyssa moved to Altona in 2013.  She is extremely passionate about helping people and the well being of others (her Mom always told her she was very soft hearted - and we couldn't agree more!) We are really thankful to have Alyssa on our team. The great service starts with her! 




What a view!

What a view!

Roberta Hildebrand - Pharmacy Technician

Oh what's up Roberta?! (Love your shirt) Born and raised in Altona, Roberta is a lover of all things outdoors and being adventurous! But above all, she adores her husband Kelly, and her two amazing kids - Mila and Kyler! When she is not at PVP, you can find Roberta biking, running, fishing, playing baseball, snowmobiling, and hiking (not all at the same time, but we would love to see that).  She also loves spending time at the cabin and enjoying dark chocolate. Roberta believes that she has the best sunset view in town, but if you come through our door, she will be sure to make your face light up! 




Why We Support Local Business.

We believe in contributing to our community's well-being.  And you should too!
Locally owned organizations and businesses help to build and maintain strong, sustainable communities. But that's not the only reason why we choose to support local:

Keeping Decision Making Local

We are responsible for supporting the health and wellness of the community - and we take that very seriously. So, as local owners, we know that we can make important decisions relevant to the well-being of our community, with the feedback from the people in it.

 Keeping Local Dollars in the Local Economy

Shop Local!! We are the only locally owned and locally operated pharmacy in Altona - this means that compared to other big chain pharmacies, local pharmacies redistribute a much larger portion of their revenue back into the local economy! This benefits the entire community by helping the economy grow.

Caring about Local Character

While we embrace the new, we still believe in the good old fashioned way - handshakes, real people answering the phone, and treating our customers as people and our neighbours.  In a world where face to face interactions are becoming replaced by automated messages, and big chains often out run the little guys, we believe in preservation of small, local business, and the character they contribute to the community.

Giving Back To Our Community

If we haven't said it enough - we love our community. And if you haven't heard already, we are giving back! Every month, Pembina Valley Pharmacy will make a donation to a local charity, organization, or community service.  If you are, or know of, any group that would benefit from a donation from PVP, let us know! Also, we have a community event manager on hand who would love to help with creating or sponsoring a fundraising event to support your cause! Email Amy at