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Expired Medication Disposal

An often overlooked component of best pharmaceutical practice health care is the returning of expired medication. Expired or old medications are less effective and may have unknown side effects.  There are also environmental and public safety reasons for bringing back your expired medications. 

1) Improper disposal has led to traces of the drugs in our water systems with the impact that is unknown. 

2) Some narcotic medications have had fatal consequences for children accidentally rummaging through the garbage and consuming these medications unknowingly. 

By bringing your medications back to us we can properly determine which method of disposal is right for your medications.  It takes the burden off you as a patient and its free!

Frequently Asked Questions about Expired Medication Disposal

Will you come pick it up?

Of course - the health of our community is first priority.  Also, if you are having a prescription delivered we can gladly take any expired or unwanted medications back to the Pharmacy for disposal.  If you are a patient of ours and have mobility issues call us at the Pharmacy and we can make arrangements for pick up.

What impact does it have on the community or me if I don’t? or if I do?

The impact on the community can be profound.  As mentioned above, there have been cases of children inadvertently taking or touching a narcotic that has had fatal consequences.  Traces of drugs in our water system is something nobody wants or needs.  There is also the unknown side effects of expired drugs if taken.  Chemicals in medications change with exposure to oxygen and these “new” medications have not been tested for short or long term side effects.  We strongly encourage everyone to return their expired medications.  It’s quick and easy!