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Transferring Your Prescriptions

Why should you transfer?

At PVP, we treat our customers like family.  We are the only locally owned and operated Pharmacy in Altona, and we take pride in supporting the community that supports us.  Every single customer directly impacts the success of our local business.  We do not have a corporate head office in another province and we do not treat staff nor customers as numbers.  We make every effort to create an experience for our patients that is second to none.  Our pharmacy team has over 20 years of experience to meet your health needs!

SOLD! But how do I transfer?

Transferring prescriptions is easy!  If you give us your name and birth date (or another identifier) and your consent, we can call your existing pharmacy and do all the work for you!  Alternatively, you can bring in a new prescriptions or we can fax your Doctor for new prescriptions.  Please Note: Certain controlled drugs and narcotic prescriptions we cannot transfer without a new prescription.  If you are unsure if your prescription falls under this category, don't hesitate to ask!