Lee Siemens

"Lee’s Wood Assembly: Created by God, Assembled by Lee

Hello!  My name is Lee Siemens, the fellow behind the name in Lee’s Wood Assembly.  L. W. A. came together quite unintentionally… on my part, anyway.  The Lord Jesus put it together, and I am sure glad He did! Working with wood is something I have enjoyed doing for years.  My grandpa Siemens worked for over 50 years in wood construction, and as of the Spring of 2018, my dad will have worked in the construction industry for 47 years.  I surely enjoy seeing what projects have come out of their work shops, and what has been erected on their job sites! One of my biggest aims for L. W. A. is for it to be a ministry of encouragement.  I enjoy putting this passion for wood working to good use by assembling pieces as gifts to celebrate weddings, the birth of children, as house warming gifts, and the like. I enjoy the freedom wood working offers… and the opportunities it affords to put expression to what I believe about grace and second chances in life.  Shaping wood into finished products doesn’t come with a hard-and-fast list of rules.  If I want to make a set of circular mirrors, for example, I can fashion them out of wood of my choosing, shape them to whatever dimensions I wish, and paint them as I please.  And through my experiences in the wood shop I have come to see beauty in the re-purposing of products.  I have found castaway cabinet doors… and converted them into mirrors.  Mirror… which came from a second-hand store and which I was able to cut to size.  Knowing that a product has come together from different places and was assembled with care brings me pride.  And seeing it bless those around me, brings me joy! If I can be of assistance to you in designing a project, please let me know!"

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