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Compliance Packing

Compliance packaging (commonly referred to as "bubble packs" or “Pill Packs”) helps you sort your daily medications into time slots.  Each time slot (breakfast, noon, supper and bedtime) can accommodate multiple medications that can be retrieved and taken out when needed.  We always keep our patients on a monthly list so that you don’t have to remember to let us know when to prepare them for you - they will already be ready when you have about one week left in your current pack.  This particular type of medication distribution has been shown to proactively prompt people to take their medications at the required time, and get the most out of their drug therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compliance Packaging

Is it right for me?

There are many of reasons why compliance packaging could be right for you! Remembering to take a single medication multiple times per day can be challenging.  Remembering to take multiple medications multiple times a day is equally difficult.  And for some, it's really just an easy way to organize their medications.  In addition, homecare will not administer a medication unless it is in compliance packaging.

What are the benefits?

The greatest benefit is knowing that your medications are in the right time slot on the right days! Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about calling to get a refill last minute, as we will already have prepared your order one week ahead of time.  They can also be changed at the pharmacy if needed.

Are there a certain number of prescriptions I need to have before I can access compliance packaging?

Not at all! Even one medication can be bubble packed.  There is also no age restriction, as it is common for people with busy lifestyles to want their medications in bubble packs.

How much does it cost to get compliance packaging for my medications?

Compliance packaging carries an extra charge.  If cost is an issue, we may be able to work with you to find a solution.  Please feel free to ask your Pharmacist for more details.