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Medication Reviews

A medication review is when the Pharmacist evaluates each medication for appropriateness, potential drug interactions, and side effects.  If there is a change in one’s life that could potentially impact their health treatment, a medication review is usually carried out with the patient in person.

Medication reviews are extremely important as they are a follow up to initial drug therapy.  Sometimes, medications that a patient needed previously are no longer necessary.  People experiencing side effects may be changed to a different medication to better suit their lifestyle.  Multiple medications, if not properly evaluated, can cause unwanted side effects through drug interactions.   When a pharmacist continually follows up with patients and their medications, they can individualize therapy to meet their patient’s needs - and that's exactly what we will do for you at Pembina Valley Pharmacy!

Frequently Asked Questions about Medication Reviews

How often should I have one done?

Each patient will have different experiences that will influence how routinely a medication review should be done.  For example, factors such as the problems they may have, how many medications they are taking currently, and for how long they have been taking them.  On average, a medication review every six months would be appropriate.  Some will take minutes and some will take longer depending on the complexity.  

Do I need to make an appointment?

For more complex medical histories (ex. multiple medications, multiple disease states, new medications or changes) an appointment is usually the best to ensure that we can allocate the right amount of time to do a review.  Also, depending on the circumstance, we can come to you to do a review.  It is best to ask your Pharmacist at Pembina Valley Pharmacy.

Is it free?

Yes! It is a completely free service we provide at Pembina Valley Pharmacy.  For patients with mobility issues, we may be able to accommodate a home review upon request.