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Prescribing for Common Ailments

Our profession is continually evolving in trying to divert patients with minor ailments to the pharmacies and leave the more critical problems for Doctors.  It is faster, more accessible and lessens some of the barriers for medical clinics. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Prescribing for Common Ailments

What kinds of treatments do you offer?

Creams/ointments for rashes (ex. psoriasis, eczema) or fungal infections (ex. athletes foot, ringworm), Champix or Nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cession, ointments for canker sores, nasal sprays for seasonal allergies, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, and several others - so don’t hesitate to ask your local Pharmacist at Pembina Valley Pharmacy!

Do you need to contact my doctor before prescribing for a common ailment?

We may not always be able to treat or find a proper therapy for you at the Pharmacy.  If the problem is non-urgent or straightforward, we may be able to contact your Doctor by fax.  However, there may be times when the problem is complex and requires more attention.  In that case, we may refer you to your primary Doctor.

Should I follow up with the doctor?

We provide the necessary follow up on all prescriptions issued at the Pharmacy.  If a follow up is warranted, you would be referred to your Doctor.

How do you know what the ailment is?

We have taken the necessary coursework and training for minor ailments listed above.  If the ailment is out of our scope we have no issues in referring you to the necessary provider.  We have confidence in our experienced staff to make the right decisions for your health