Deb Letkeman

"My name is Debbie Letkeman and my business is called Debl-Art. I create cards and stamps. I have always enjoyed doing crafts of all sorts. I got into card making over 20 years ago when someone invited me to a stamp and card party - I was hooked! I have made cards for every occasions and enjoyed sharing my interest with others. I enjoy sharing ideas and stamps with others and have fun seeing what we have made. The real joy is in giving my cards away to others. A few years ago my husband and a few close friends encouraged me to start selling my cards. I hesitated - but then gave it a try! Now, I have my company and have been selling my cards for two years and I really enjoy it. I am somewhat addicted to this hobby and now enjoy hearing others tell me who they gave their cards to. I have a few people come to me and tell me they framed the card they received.  That has been encouraging to me. I have been selling my cards at a florist shop in Winnipeg as well as in a small shop in Texas. And now you can get my cards in Altona at Pembina Valley Pharmacy! I also continue to do craft shows in spring and fall. I am also taking my love for card making a step further and I have started to create rubber stamps. I have a great selection so far and look forward to selling them as well. I love coming up with new cards and stamps for others to enjoy! 

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