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Vaccinations and Injections

We offer both Subcutaneous and Intramuscular injections.  The most common non-prescription injections we give are flu shots and pneumonia shots for people aged 65 and over. For these common types, you can just walk in!  The most common prescription only injections include shingles and travel vaccinations such as Twinrix (Hepatitis A & B).   For some prescription only injections, we will contact your doctor for you in order to get a prescription.  It's always best to ask your pharmacist for the specific injection your looking for.

For your comfort and well-being, we have a private counselling room where injections can be given confidentially.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaccinations and Injections    

Why do I have to be over 7 to receive a vaccination?

As part of the new guidelines Manitoba Health initiated when giving the authority to pharmacists to inject vaccinations, only children aged 7 and over can received vaccinations and injections.  This age is consistent with other provinces.

Do I need to wear any special attire for a vaccination or injection?

If you are coming in for a vaccination, it is best to wear a t-shirt (or bring one to change into) as it is easiest for the Pharmacist to give an injection.  

Can I leave right after I receive a vaccination or injection?

Although we thrive on providing efficient services, please plan on being able to wait in the Pharmacy for 15 minutes after receiving a vaccination or injection.  We make these recommendations to ensure that, in case of an allergy, we can continue to provide you with health care and give you medication to help treat you on site (if necessary).

I have a fever, can I still come and get a vaccination or injection?

If you currently have a fever, please contact us to find out if the type of vaccination or injection can still be provided to you while you are feeling ill.  For example, in the case of the flu shot, it is best to hold off until the fever subsides.